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Golden Club

Every now and again a dog comes along that would melt the heart of even the hardest person. That dog is Porthos and we will tell you his story.
Porthos was brought into the shelter along with his siblings at only a few months old. The pups were originally found on the street. One by one his siblings were adopted and then slowly, one by one, the years slipped by too. Now, 11 years later, Porthos is still waiting on his forever home. He has seen 11 harsh Romanian winters where temperatures have plummeted to -30. Never has he known the joys of dinner titbits or the comforts of a sofa or an armchair. 
Porthos is just one of a number of senior dogs or dogs that have a disability that deserve a home just as much as his siblings did 11 years ago. 
It is for this reason that Soul Mutts are introducing our Golden Club and Porthos is our very first gold member! 
Soul Mutts will make a partial donation to his adoption fees in the hope that this winter will be his last in Romania. 
Of course we realise that not everyone is in a position to adopt a dog. but maybe you could help us with funding to cover the cost of the adoption. 
If you would like to make a donation – click the link above and know that you have helped a dog just like Porthos.  
Our Golden Club dogs are highlighted on their bios and if you are interested in applying for a dog – please fill in the application form by following the link at the top of the page.

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