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Dr Seidel Adaptation Collar for Dog 75cm

$ 3

The collar works for 30 days. During this period, do not remove the dog’s collar, with the exception of possible bath time. It is recommended to put the collar on 2-3 days before an expected stressful situation.


DR SEIDEL ADAPTATION COLLAR FOR DOGS is a state-of-the-art, multi-ingredient preparation belonging to the group of behavioural aids. It has a calming effect on dogs. It contains a composition of natural substances influencing behaviour of animals, similarly as dog pheromones do. The composition corresponds to the mixture which has been known since 1996, disclosed in European Patent EP0724832. The use of the collar during behavioural therapy significantly enhances the process. It gives the dog a sense of security, fosters learning and quick adaptation to new challenges.

  • Help in the prevention of behavioural problems caused by stress or anxiety in adult dogs (handling of physiological needs at home, destroying objects, excessive vocalisation and licking) help in controlling and reducing the level of stress in situations difficult to dogs of all ages (separation of a puppy from its mother and its socialisation in a new environment, change of environment, participation in training, visit to the vet, stay in a dog hotel, travel, arrival of a new family member, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks explosions, etc.)


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